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Interested in Joining Us?

Being a member of the Natural State Brass Band is considered a privilege and members are expected to commit the time and energy necessary to play at a high level. Most of our members have been a part of the band for many years with 8 having played with us for 20 years!

We are always looking for anyone interested in playing with us on a substitute basis; we'd love to meet you.

The process to fill an open position is:

  1. ​Contact us to express your interest. You can contact a member of the band or use the "Contact Us" form on the website (or use the link below).

  2. Someone will get back to you to discuss your abilities and expectations. You may be invited to sit in a rehearsal or two or given an audition packet.

  3. On the designated day/time, you will play selections from the audition packet to at least 3 members of the band. The judges will not be able to see you during the audition.

  4. If you win the position you will be a "provisional" member and invited to play with the band for at least 1 concert cycle. After this cycle the band will vote to make you a member of the band.

  5. At the annual business meeting the band will vote to admit you as a member of the corporation, giving you the right to vote and serve on the board if you so choose.

Questions? Contact Us!

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