The Musicians

Associate Music Director

Rico Belotti

Soprano Cornet

Richard Bailey

Solo Cornet

Courtney Swindler
David Laubach
Bob Roberts
Cynthia Carrell
Demarr Woods

Repiano Cornet

Dale Foster

2nd/3rd Cornet

Wes Hall

John Harrison

Steve James

Brady Loretz

Rusty Morris


Larry Crenshaw

Tenor Horn

Robert Herring

Jimmy Dugan

Heather Thayer


Thomas Janssen 


Jamie Lipton

Tina Hall


Steve Greer
Mike Bryant

Bass Trombone

Bill West

Eb Bass

Rico Belotti 

Bb Bass

Chase Cook

Greg Lindstrom


Richard Hawthorne

J. B. Cross

Sara Rose

Kevin Noble

Scott Gibson

Interested in Joining Us?

Contact Rico Belotti for information on how to get on our "subs list". Audiitons full time membership will be posted as openings become available.